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Your Next Chapter in Book Marketing

Discover how Authors.BiblioGarden
can elevate your book’s visibility
and sales with powerhouse marketing
tailored just for indie authors
and publishers.

What is Authors.BiblioGarden?

The integrated platform for independent authors to get their books seen and sold.

  • Freedom and control over your publishing process
  • Retain your copyright and manage your inventory and sales with ease
  • Access to premium print-on-demand fulfillment and distribution services
  • Exclusive resources for creating high-quality book layouts and covers
  • Enhanced exposure through our retail platform and marketing services
  • Special marketing sales, subscriptions, and community features
  • Quarterly analytics to maximize your book sales potential
  • Earn 70% royalties on net sales made on

Get started NOW and see sales grow FAST!

How does it work?

Our customized bookstore site uses the most sophisticated search and data analytics to drive traffic to our store from readers only looking to buy books. Once on our site, they can find YOUR book right beside the bestselling books in your genre.  Readers don’t just read one book or one author!  People who actually buy books are buyers of genres, not authors. Voracious readers out-read the pace any one author can write, which means they are always on the search for their next new favorite author.  And that could be YOU, if only they could find your book.

How much can I earn on Authors.BiblioGarden?

BiblioGarden offers you higher royalties than Amazon on our direct sales channels. Our sales growth plans can also increase your existing Amazon sales with flexible purchase options for buyers. Amazon pays 40% Royalties for expanded distribution (most of all books sold by Amazon, except hardcover, are in this class). At BiblioGarden, we pay 75% royalties to the authors directly. There are no additional fees associated with your listing after your title setup and subscription fee.

We also offer buyers the option of buying directly from Amazon to allow you to capitalize on those wanting to save with their PRIME shipping. Although this may mean slightly smaller royalties on those sales, this boosts your book’s exposure, Amazon ranking (great way to become an Amazon Best Seller!), and increases your book’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), making your book even easier to find by book buyers searching ANYWHERE on the web for books to buy in your genre!

How can Authors.BiblioGarden pay more than Amazon?

It’s simple! All BiblioGarden subscribing author’s titles are uploaded from the authors digitally (your Word or PDF files). Once a book is ordered, our exclusive printing professionals process a quality copy of your title and ship it directly to the customer. Since our warehousing, inventorying, marketing, and store are virtual, we don’t have the overhead or distribution expenses of companies like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others.

Pick Your Package for Success:

Evergreen Membership:

Embrace complete control over your publishing with
BiblioGarden’s Evergreen Membership. Enjoy
comprehensive services including premium print-on-demand,
custom book layouts, and powerful distribution.
Benefit from exclusive marketing campaigns, community
engagement, and quarterly analytics to boost your sales.
Earn 70% royalties on net sales made through BiblioGarden,
plus enjoy all Amazon Buzz Buy benefits for maximum
exposure and earnings.

Only $21.75/mo paid Annually

Amazon Buzz Buy Membership:

Maximize your Amazon presence with the Amazon Buzz Buy Membership. Feature your titles prominently in our searchable database, enhancing discoverability and SEO. Direct links to your Amazon listings boost sales and rankings, ensuring full royalties under Amazon’s terms. This focused approach keeps your Amazon strategy sharp and effective.

Only $4.99/mo paid Annually


Why does it cost to be in Authors.BiblioGarden?

The reality is that marketing and technology are not free.  If you want to put up a website to sell your book(s), invest in expert SEO to build high traffic to your site, pay for Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Google/and YouTube ads, plus become or hire an analytics professional to ensure you’re putting your hard-earned dollars into the right places and reaching the right people, it could cost you upwards of $5,000.00 per month.  Plus, it will take many months to gauge all the data and begin a laser point campaign. And that still is no guarantee that the visitors you get will buy anything. Plus, for each sale you do make you’ll still have to manage all of the shipping and servicing of the sales.

On BiblioGarden, you get all of this on a platform that combines the strength of the best technology, marketing, and alignment with the specific types of titles and genres that BUYERS are already looking for and at a price less than a cup of coffee a week!

PLUS, although we are proud techno-geeks, we’re also book experts.  For over 20 years, we’ve written, published, and marketed books independently.  We know the challenges, and that’s why we created BiblioGarden.  A place for independent authors to grow their readership, sales, and income.

What if I'm already on Amazon?

If you are already on Amazon, this is the best and most affordable way to drive traffic to your book on Amazon. Amazon listed over 20,000 new releases a week for January 2022, and Amazon does not drive any traffic to any of those books without paid advertising or sponsored fees. BiblioGarden does not strive to replace Amazon; we are a conduit to increase author’s sales through every channel possible.  Selling books directly through BiblioGarden does not affect your expanded distribution rules with Amazon or Ingram because BiblioGarden is not a distributor.  We do not offer author copies for purchase or distribution under Amazon or Ingrams ISBNs and we do not sell wholesale to other retailers, libraries, or organizations. BiblioGarden is a registered affiliate with

What about my ISBN? Do I need a new one?

You do not need to purchase an additional ISBN to sell your book on BiblioGarden, even if you have a FREE ISBN from another publishing company.  As long as you are the copyright holder and/or the original content creator who has publishing rights within the USA, you can sell your book on BibioGarden with our FREE Book ID or with your Bowker registered ISBN.  All of BiblioGarden’s books are assigned a book ID unique to each author and title.  This is how we inventory your book, similar to the BN identifier assigned by Barnes & Noble to their Nook Books.  This is not an ISBN and is only used by BiblioGarden for their use.  You cannot print or sell your book with this identifier alone on any other platform or in stores online or brick and mortar.  BiblioGarden does not offer distribution services for B2B sales.

What if I don't have an Amazon account?

If you do not have an Amazon account, we can set one up for you with your files.  There is no charge for this with a one-year “Perennial” subscription. BiblioGarden is a registered affiliate with

What if I have multiple book titles or a series I want to list?

Prolific authors and series are great sellers, so we reward them!  Our Bookay special deals are made just for you!  Please contact us for extra special pricing if you have more than ten titles.  All authors listing three to nine titles will receive an additional 10% discount off any Perennial subscription and 5% for each title for Seasonal or Sprout subscriptions.  Sorry, but no volume discounts can be applied to Amazon Buzz subscriptions.

Who owns the rights to my BiblioGarden books?

The author ALWAYS retains all rights to the content and ownership of their books with BiblioGarden.  We do not sell books without an active subscription by the author or legal owner of the copyright through our direct sales channel. Your files are stored encrypted on our secure cloud server during your subscription and purged from our system within 90 days of your cancellation or lapse of your subscription. Amazon Buzz accounts are stored and serviced by Amazon. BiblioGarden is a registered affiliate with

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